Is Denojs dead now?

# Is denojs dead now?

Deno, a JavaScript runtime built by the same author of nodejs, deno is built to be more efficient and secure than Nodejs.


When the Nodejs creator, Ryan Dahl Seeing the growth of TypeScript and the robustness of web standards, he created Deno as a successor to Node.js using Rust. 

Deno offers speed improvements, an embrace of web standards, and first class support of TypeScript and JSX.

# In the meantime

Deno though does things better than Nodejs is not seen to overtake Nodejs, a great percentage of new projects still adopt Nodejs and very low amount of Nodejs projects has been converted to deno.

# So what's the deal?

Trying out new tools instead of what you are already familiar with can be quite a rough choice to make.

Deno also have a very low but growing community compared Nodejs.

And finding denojs based content aside of the official documentation is low.

# Are you really missing out?

Yep, other than Deno being a better JavaScript runtime than Nodejs.

 Deno as a company also provide a Globally Distributed JavaScript hosting solution called Deno Deploy.

Deno Deploy offers a free starting plan with 100GB transfer per month and 100,1000 requests per day coming with Github integration with public & private repository.

This is a great option testing out deno on a Globally Distributed instance.

They also provide a cheap premium hosting for as low as 10$/month, coming with 5 million requests per month and other nice added features.

# Is denojs dead? 

Deno is new and still growing, still under active development, and we are still expecting news Cool things from the team.

New technologies always bring with them new possibilities, and same with deno, we expect more libraries, framework, tooling and more node to deno compatibility so to easily move a nodejs project to deno.

Meanwhile entering deno ecosystem and contributing to it development is a great support for it growth.

In conclusion, Nodejs and deno will keep improving and Deno will eventually cover it's own space in the market.

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