Beginners must have tools-set for web, mobile and game development in 2022 and beyond.

# Beginners must have tools-set for web, mobile and game development in 2022 and beyond.

The most interesting people could be programming beginners, they could be curious about everything what to choose and what to build, and with the ton of abstractions in programming, it's pretty overwhelming for them and they soon lost interest in less time.

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Every beginner looks for a starting project to jerk off their career, and it's cool except they sudden get confused with what projects will be easier and still take them through the basics of their chosen programming languages. 

Some are even stuck at what programming Field to get into and that is even the best time waster case, why not start at something till you find your works out.

In this article I will be showing you a tool set to become a successful developer even if you are just starting up as a beginner.

# The beginners event horizon

Let's gradually unfold some popular branches of programming that are popular and has a bunch of resources available to get into.

# 1. Web development (frontend, backend, and full-stack).

Learning web development is a very good programming endeavor with always available employment opportunities for both remote and local choices plus a great ecosystem of communities, frameworks, libraries and tooling.

# What are required.
Depending on what area you intend to focus on the various web development tools span across.

# Frontend

Front end development is a large ecosystem and becoming a proficient frontend developer is becoming a harder way day by day.

As a frontend beginner is required you have enough knowledge in the following tools.

# The basics 

1. JavaScript
3. CSS

 # frontend frameworks

1. React
2. Angular
3. Vue

CSS libraries 

1. Bootstrap
2. Tailwind
3. Styled components
4. Material UI

# Backend

Unlike frontend, frontend development is completely a different play ground, on the backend we deal with providing efficient APIs, database management, security, data processing, and providing services via frontend interfaces.

# The basics 

1. Node
2. Golang 
3. Ruby
4. Java
5. C#
6. PHP 
7. Python

# Backend frame works for Nodejs 

1. Express
2. koaJs
3. Hapi
4. Fastify

# 2. Mobile development.

Mobile development is a productive programming endeavor that offers alot of opportunities for jobs and businesses and there are tons of tools used that cuts across native development to cross platform development tools.

# What are required

Depending on what your target is or the choice of the company you work for, the tool you should try to build mobile apps with is a matter of what you want ranging from native tools like java or kotlin for Android and Swift or objective-C for iphone or maybe you want cross platform mobile development tools that comes with The possibility of reusing almost 95% of your code base, fact remains that native approach remains the most recommended and most established method for building production ready mobile software that depends on a lot native support and configurations.

# The basics 

1. Java
2. Kotlin
3. Swift

# cross platform frameworks

1. Ionic
2. Flutter
3. React native 
4. Capacitor
5. Xamarin

# 3. Game development

Game development still remains the intricate fun part, and developers good in game development are hard to come by, due to the skills required but nevertheless more and more games still find their way every week into the app stores free or premium but all show a great deal of logic and design.

# what are required

With the ever growing game development industry the tools for building games are becoming seemly advance and great to use, with an apple knowledge of C# you can start crafting crazy games with good graphics in unity game engine which is a paid game engine.

The royalty free unreal game engine requires C++ knowledge but apart from these de facto standard game engines you can also build 3D modelled games in JavaScript and babylon.js, python and py-game, and dart and flutter framework.

Blender for 3D modeling
Good drawing skills
Good with spatial trajectory and collision systems as a plus.
And good or ready to learn any of the programming language listen above and their corresponding game framework.

# wrapping up

While learning the required tools and related programming languages for building websites, mobile and game development may seem very complicated at first, but with mush enthusiasm and effort you can achieve something really commendable.

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