Real world react js projects to Build for your portfolio in 2022

# Real world react js projects to Build for your portfolio in 2022 - for intermediate and advance programmers

It's an insight to build a something new and promising when starting up as a developer, either for a portfolio or something useful you can share.

Learning react js

Looking into the web or figuring something to put out can be a fruitless uneasy task, but we end up doing what interest us expecially when we are not under pressure to do something specific.

In this post I will be letting you know the best react projects that are really good to pounce on in 2022, so stay tuned.

# List of advance Reactjs projects you should try in  2022 

This list consists of  actual real world projects that can get you money when monitazed or shine on your resume when you are looking for a job. Either way, completing any of them will put you give a good boost in your career. Let's get right in.

# 1 build a blog

Nothing stands out comprehensively more than having a blog on your portfolio or as a production software for your contents.

If you want to grow quickly as a full stack developer you should try creating a blog, it's gives you the complete wand to cast spells needed to be familiar enough to build and design whatever web infrastructure out there.

Plus you can sell your blog as a template for startups companies that desire mini and easy to integrate blog template than using popular blogging based content management systems.

Overall it's a great idea and gives the experience of assembling together real completely user targeted software.

# Tools required for building a blog in 2022

Familiarity with frontend and backend frameworks, tools and database, is the peak for this kind of project, plus you should take ui and ux design in to consideration to produce something really polished  and useful, these tools includes but not limited to.

# 1. Node

Node.js  JavaScript runtime, node is a native environment runtime for JavaScript outside of the web browser.

It's popular and has a large ecosystem of frameworks, libraries and communities built on it.

Their are newer alternatives like Deno which is aimed at being a standard for building software in JavaScript and typescript, plus it also support typescript natively.

It's has a growing user base but it's still not adopted widely, it's better if you want to try something new and desire first hand typescript support. It comes with a set of inbuilt tools and API that comes handy during development.

# why node

Building a blog with Node comes in very handy when having to manage the dependencies in your projects and the arrays of API available to get info of the os and running tasks on the underlying machine, it makes building apps A lot painless and easy to manage.

# 2.  Reactjs

Reactjs a library for building user interfaces, is popular and is good for building web apps,  progressive web applications and cross platform mobile applications using react native.

As a frontend library for building user interfaces, React has done real well in the web frontend development space. With it suit of app state management hooks and libraries we are presented  with easy to approach methods of building web apps.

Reactjs has gotten a lot of traction right from it inception, it's has been used to build rock solid apps like Facebook, and Instagram.

# why Reactjs

With the idea of reusable components and bunch of very use react libraries available for basically anything we may want to achieve, I see no good reason not to use react.

It's definitely a good choice if you want other people to work on your blog with you as time goes on, because it's popular and most people know and use it and job offers demands it than any other web technology out there for JavaScript and typescript.

# 3. koa.js

Koa.js is  a Node based framework for building server side software in JavaScript.

It also built by the team behind express framework, but the overall idea here is different, it has a cleaner and easy to extend API for getting receiving request and sending out response making it much easier to build good API communication with your frontend apps.

It's also very light and has set of it's tools you can install alongside it if you want, over time it has grown up and now have a big ecosystem around it.

# Why koa.js

It's a benefit to spin up web app in koa.js, especially a blog, it's the only light and yet established framework that's sturdy out of the box, it's contextual API system is easier to extend and this can be harness for security features in your web app, it's worth using and all you may want.

# 5. TypeORM and postgres

TypeORM and postgres is a good combination of an ORM and a database for building ultra fast and scalable backend and database infrastructure in real time.

### A.  Thanks TypeORM, you don't have to learn SQL to spin up a database in any SQL based database

You may find it a bit uneasy writing tables but when you know the gist behind it, you will appreciate it use.

Plus you can get to find how easy it is to run CRUD operations to your database from TypeORM without writing any SQL.

### B. Postgres being the best database infrastructure out there, it has been very reliable and efficient.

Postgres is a Big, ultra fast database that scales well (billions of rows of data and millions of connections).

# Why TypeORM and postgres

It's definitely a good combination that is to fast to setup and a great scalable solution for your blog project, I recommend you try them out.

# 2 build a messaging app

messaging apps with features of video calls and real time messaging are Not easy to come by, but you don't have to be a nerd to build one, you can pickup ideas from already available software like whatapp, telegram or signal etc and as well add your mix.

There are a lot free and premium tools available to spin up a messaging app, with a good UI and functionality you can go far to get something real up and running. Plus, there are some YouTube videos showing how to get the basics done.

You 've got to do a lot of rough sketch for this to get your own prefer design and functions to be built in your messaging app.

All messaging app comes with set of functionality targeted towards making the user feel at home, from chat to creating chat rooms or groups.

Live video and audio calls between groups and individuals is a great spot for any real value messaging software that should be in 2022.

# Tools required

You should have tried out or be well equipped with the tools listed below as well as all the front end and back end frameworks and tools I have listed before in building a blog above.

for video chat and messaging apps, WebRTC and other  cloud based messaging app tools discussed below may be all you need, most of these tools hosted are on popular cloud services.

# 1 sockets

Sockets allows to enable one-on-one communication in real time, with a lot of companies already using it for standard communication setup for thier projects, it's easier to integrate and serve it purpose awesomely.

# 2 WebRTC

WebRTC is a technology that supports real-time communication in messaging apps through a wide range of APIs.

It's an open-source software that has acquired the support of such major IT Giants such as Mozilla, Google, as well as  Opera, it has significantly become rock stable and finally evolved into a dependable web technology. For most use cases, incorporating the video call functionality, you can make use of the following APIs available in WebRTC:

1. RTCDataChannel is WebRTC API that allows P2P communication with all types of data.

2. MediaStream API facilitates the app in accessing the stream via camera and microphone.

3. RTCPeerConnection WebRTC API activates audio/video communication along with bandwidth management and encryption.

# 3 Third-party APIs for building video messaging apps

There are third-party APIs that facilitate the process of creating video messaging apps by speeding it up and making it more simple. Since the market offers a diverse choice of third-party APIs, we will mention just few well-known: 

# Twilio API

A popular API for building messaging app  With support for voice, video and messaging, Twilio provides a well documented API plus interactive visual design and development builder presented on thier cloud communication platform.

Twilio provides real-time engagement APIs that greatly facilitate and scale the workflows and communication right in your messaging app infrastructure.

With coverage of the core functionality of your application, such as connecting to the session, publishing a stream to session and subscribing to streams in a session, not to mention high-quality interactive video, voice, messaging, and screen sharing into web and mobile apps.

Besides Twilio, other video based communication tools you may opt for includes OpenTok or Wowza GoCoder SDK.

With react frontend library, koa.js backend framework, plus the speed of postgres DB and the tools mentioned above, you can brush up a great social media messaging software from the ground up without any hassle.

# 3 build cross platform mobile apps using react.

Apart from the web side of things it is also good to explore the possibility of building Cross platform apps in react.

you can build Android and iOS apps with react native, you are definitely using react but with native components, like view, Text, TextInput and Image components plus there bunch of freely available pre-built components on npm and app template you can ultilse to spin up your app in less time.

Building Progressive web apps that fits anywhere are much easier with react, and sturdy.

# 4 Advance mobile apps ideas you should try out in 2022

1.  Weather app

This will require you to pounce on APIs for fetching location based results and let you focus on building the UI, doing this in react native is painless and allows building real time software in less for both android and iOS platforms.

2.  Trivia quiz app

Building a Trivia quiz app is more fun than it's sounds, for kids and higher grade students, this is a necessity if it's provide them with enough familiarity with thier text or interest.

Plus thier a good number of API providing the good questions backup for many courses that you can spin up.

3. Build a taxi app 🚖🚕

There's more to a taxi app than it sounds, definitely you will be dealing a great deal with the UI and a map API service. Notable features of a taxi includes:

- User Authentication
- Distance Tracking
- Price per Meter
- Map Integration
- Interactive Map
- Ability to search for location of any place and get quotation
- Instant profiling
- Different price tiers like in uber how they have (uber, uber x, etc) with different price tags
- Nice UI
And other normal features.

While that may seem a lot to take, it's definitely an advance react app idea you should look into, with there already a number of such apps and API you can integrate to get things done on time, you will be proud what you can achieve with this.

4. Entertainment app
It's most enjoyable and creative to setup a user focused Entertainment app using react, you can decide to aim for a specific media type, this could be:

1. movies
3. music
4. Art and design
4. radio
5. and news apps to name a few.

Some great examples of this, respectively, would be Netflix, Audible, and Soundcloud or Spotify, Deviart art or Dribbble and so on.

The best part of entertainment apps is the user engagements features, you can try adding ability to like, dislike, comment and subscribe to different entertainment source on each category.

Looking at the current big players like YouTube and TikTok which features short, imaginative videos is driven by high user engagement and centered upon user interactions through likes, comments, and subscriptions.

5. Build an E-Commerce App with react

Aside from productivity and user services apps, it's most handy to produce an E-Commerce App solution using react in 2022,

Regardless of the products being sold, whether it's physical or virtual, If users can purchase multiple products at once, it must have have a dynamic shopping cart with which users can manage the products they intend to buy.

Every e-commerce app needs a checkout scheme whereby users can either purchase their products upon authentication and a popular set of payment gateway should be integrated.

# But that's not all

While the above carefully chosen projects seems handy to set up, they are not all feasible to build for free, you may need a couple of premium hosting and database service to get the best scalability you may need. For most of them, a VPS hosting package may be all you need.

But the good part is they are free for development purpose hosting services like vercel and heruoku, it's good to check them out when setting out.

It's time to kickstart 2022 with a bang

# wrapping up

Let's face it, the new year deserve a new set of projects to explore and in this post I have shown you some key projects to set you up for the new promising year, I hope you find this useful, if so I will appreciate commenting below about your choice and your set up, happy developing.

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