Real world JavaScript web projects to build for your portfolio in 2022 - for beginners

It's an insight to build a something new and promising in the new year either for a portfolio or something useful you can share.

Looking into the web or figuring something to put out can be an endless uneasy task, but we end up doing what interest us expecially when we are not under pressure to do something specific.

In this post I will be letting you know the best projects I know are good to try out in 2022, so stay tuned.

Projects to try out for beginners

As a beginner, the most important part is knowing how stuff works rather trying to use already made tools all the time, so can you build to get you enough insights required for building great stuff, also you get overall ideas and enough talisman needed for building good and manageable software.

For that sake, I have and recommend trying to use vanilla JavaScript and typescript in building all the awesome projects confirmed below, projects are categorized below from absolute beginners to intermediates developers / coders.

1 file picker projects 

These types of projects require you interact with the operating system file manager instead of just the browser, you get to pick up files in multiples selected form or just single, plus you can specify what exact file type you want to pick. With the file reader API I have achieve building a lot of programs including but not limited to my first music player, video Player and image to base64 URL converter all from scratch.


JavaScript File reader API, JavaScript / typescript.

 JavaScript file reader projects you should try out in 2022

 1. Music player project and design
Building a music player is a very creative app ideas that you can spin easily with the file reader API and share to others, you if you checked my music player app on my GitHub you will know how amazing it is to do this.

 2. Video player, with the file reader API, you can grab video from your file manager and play it right in your project. It's beautiful that you would learn how to integrate your file manager file picker features in your app to get files to work on, right in your app instead of using online sources.

 3. SVG editor, if you are good with SVG, you can write a SVG picker from which you can load SVG files and edit them.

 4. Image editors, you can pick images from your file manager and edit them using html5 canvas and download them back, there's no end to what you can achieve with this.

 5. File uploader, have you wonder how to build a file uploader when learn server and databases, through the file reader API you can achieve this easily.

 2 Html5 canvas projects

Nothing interests beginners more than building html5 canvas programs. The products of what you can achieve is quit endless, I confess having my good spot here, because I have built a photo editor and the Uiedbook game engine from the roots of the html5 canvas. It's been amazing 🤩.


Html5 canvas, JavaScript / typescript

Html5 canvas projects you should try out in 2022

1. Drawing app, imagine creating a board app you can write on, it's Cool and very productive if you want to write somethings in a video instead of typing them out, I have seen some YouTubers buy and use these programs especially for mathematics.

 2. Bounce game 🎮, it's really cool to build your first game using html5 canvas, it's easy to use and interesting too. 
 3. Photo editor filter, you can build and easily achieve a photo editor that apply simple filters with HTML5 canvas, and even apply good rotation and transformation features, you can do something great and charge for it

 4. Animations, there are a bunch of animations used in web development you can achieve, like particles emitter and all those beautiful kinds of movement that follows slowly moving and colorful patterns are truly cool.

 5. Photo downloader on the frontend, native web download send data from the backend, but with the provision of html5 canvas, you can download a picture by drawing it to the canvas and converting it to a blob which you can download immediately, how cool 😎.

3 JavaScript browser speech API projects.

Having a speech API in the browser is one of the best development I have marked lately. It's now in your capacity to build text to speech programs and Simple AI machines that can speak 🙊, yep and yep and yep. 


Browser speech API, JavaScript / typescript.

 JavaScript browser speech API projects you should try out in 2022

 1. Text to speech reader project, isn't it awesome, building such will give a good idea of several other things you can do, with this app you can understand speech conversion work and may build something really useful.

 2. Google search voice search, with the speech API you tap in to creating a simple google speech API projects, that will listen and open up google search for the results.

 3. Simple AI project, creating a simple AI is a Cool little project you can spin in your free time, it's full of fun and you will definitely learn real applicable ideas in the mix. Let's dramatize it.

The point is you can keep integrating complex logic and be happy with your life.

 4. Speech to text writer, if you really have enough time to spare, you can build a such creative program for testing purposes, try to improve and build something of real value.

 5. Sound detector or sound input for games, I 've seen Cool games that take sounds as input it's fun except you would just be in one place making noise and other people will look you very funny 🤣. But my point is more clearing, it's depends on how you apply your logic .

 Other JavaScript projects worth checking out for beginners.

While the list cannot be finished, it's more valuable to list what's fun and easy to build. The following are also simple JavaScript / typescript projects you should spin up as a beginner.

 1. Form validation projects
 2. QR code generator
 3. To-do list app
 4. Calculator app
 5. Simple quiz app
 6. Sound generator app
 7. Random quotes app
 8. Simple notification program
 9. Crypto stats app (using APIs)
10. Video player
11. Photo to base64 string converter
12. Screenshot app
13. Video recording app
14. Audio recorder app
15. Simple web designs using css html and JavaScript.

 But am not done!

Let's face it, beginner which to make a difference in the new year and completing such projects can take so far in your journey, in this post I have shown you some key projects to set you up for the new year, hope it's been good all the way. If you like this post it's good to share your thoughts or add-ons, I will be waiting to reply.

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