How to make money as a web and software developer in 2022 and beyond

How to make money as a web and software developer in 2022 and beyond.

Following the stories of popular developers and how they started their careers plus the most important trends of modern opportunities, we have come with a more realistic and easy approach for the ways that you can make money as a web developer in 2022, and it doesn't matter whether you are male or female.

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The web development market in most regions of the world is has become more competitive than ever, and every new dude on the block needs to be acquainted enough with the essential technology and talent.



 The web is  fast evolving

As the web is now a home for most global businesses than ever, little wonder, most of the technologies used in web development are fast evolving, we no longer hear of Jquery as it was in the past decade, and a bunch of others that came after are now less used,

Things changed not because of Jquery being much less efficient but because of how quirky it becomes when you are on a large scale abstraction application project, we know how it started,

Modern day react library which is heavily used in the web development market was built by a Facebook developer due to frustration working on big project with vanilla or quirky libraries.

 what you should keep in check

When it comes to getting into the market as a developer some things will put you above others in the field and knowing and keeping them in check will make you a better developer, some are:

1. Follow the trend of the market
2. Build some basic projects to show off
3. Have good communication skills
4. Know your stuff
5. Be good with time management
6. Have basic maths skills (not necessary)

Keeping track of these things will give you a head and make you be more professional as a developer and you will find these qualities in most famous developers.

 Opportunities in web development.

These are some of the most popular opportunities you get exposed to entering into the web development industry.

  Freelancing for online.

Freelancing is quite profitable and most of the stuff you would do won't usually be time consuming and difficult, most people start their careers as a freelancer.

While beginning as a freelance web developer can be disappointing at first, but building your profile over time ⌚ will definitely show itself if you remain constant.

What are some good places (sites) you can find opportunity as a freelancer at and others. 

 Get a good job as developer

While this takes time and talent, it is still the option most people are comfortable with, and in real scenerios you get a chance to work for big companies like e-commerce and software firms out there. 


 Build your own product or service

Major software solutions every where today started as a small project from one or more individual, who came up with awesome ideas that has changed the old way of doing things and they ended up building a great company out of it, Google started in a small room with a old potato computer back then and now they use giant super computers more than most companies in the world.

Your success depends on what solution you are building and how to you want to market it.

It's not bad to rebuild what is already built but make sure you make something quite useful and unique, remember humans evolve in style and taste so what ever you build will always find a place.

 Build games and fun apps.

Just as other types of content goes games and fun apps are software contents that are used by people everyday,

And building games are ever a creative and lucrative platform to venture into and every developer who knows their stuff always enjoys the beauty of gaming making.

 Share your knowledge

For most programmers who jobs at hand or preferably loves to teach then sharing your knowledge as a web, software or game developer could just be a great chance of earning more than you can even in a job. How?

Well are there quite several options and even a combination of these are really lucrative for you,
example are:

1. producing and selling udemy courses about programming languages or a couple of projects.

2. being a YouTuber and getting paid through Google adsense,

3. writing books and ebooks on programming language and other useful information on the domain, ,

4. Tutoring people and a lot other opportunities along sides.

 Wrapping up

As a round up, we suggest that you either get a good job or start your own project the other options may not work all the time, but doing them along side always helps.

We promise to provide more good information and guidance here on uiedbook.

uiedbook  library is a project aimed at be of great help with every JavaScript developers at there whether web or game development, uiedbook library is an easy good solution for you.

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